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I can help with any of the following problems which might inhibit your happiness or prevent you from reaching your goals -


• Eating Disorders & Weight Control

• Improve confidence and self esteem

• Stress & Anxiety

• Panic attacks and post traumatic stress

• Depression

• Phobias (e.g. spider, flying)

• Anti-smoking

• Alcohol and Drug dependency

• Motivation

• Anger Management

• Exam nerves

Where is the practice based?

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Carmel Foxe    HPD  DHP   mNCH



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Do you feel overwhelmed and everything is getting a little too much? Do you feel you are being held back from doing all the things you have always wanted to do?


We all experience times in our lives where we let our anxiety and fear get the better of us. Many people allow themselves to be consumed by these feelings, which can debilitate and prevent us from carrying on with normal activities and enjoying our lives – existing rather than living perhaps?


You may be surprised to learn how anxiety can interfere with our daily lives and inhibit us from being at our best. We can suffer in different ways, it can affect our sleeping patterns, and lack of sleep can leave us feeling irritable and more emotional. Limiting beliefs can really hold us back from achieving our goals and just enjoying life. It can stop us from doing all the things we have always wanted to do but never really felt like we could allowing our inner critic to hold us back and control our lives.


Applications are wide and varied – aside from anxieties, OCD, anger management. Performance, anti-smoking, effective communication, weight and pain management are all examples of conditions which can be successfully treated. Phobias are another great example – spiders, getting on a plane, public speaking.


I offer a free initial consultation, in this session you can ask questions and I will explain how hypnotherapy works. Sessions take place in a home environment and I'm based in Loudwater, High Wycombe.


If you’d like to know more, please contact me on one of the following numbers. Alternatively, send me an email with your contact details and a convenient time to call you.  




Telephone  01494 446369

Mobile  07557 277598

Email   [email protected]